It’s Not Mania!

In the post I just posted that I wrote last night and forgot to publish, I questioned if my mania was kicking in.

IT’S NOT! Yay!!!  Two days ago on my walk there was no sign, yesterday I was up cleaning snow off the roof, face to face with a fairly high part of my Elm tree and there was no sign, yesterday evening, the wind was my first sign.  Today it’s unmistakable. 

I didn’t quite believe my eyes, I had to look for another and another and all along the river bank they were equally abundant.  I’m talking about something that shouldn’t be happening yet, it’s too early, it’s unnatural, and it’s magnificent…. the trees have buds!  Buds that were not there yesterday are there today.

This is February 11th.  This is Winnipeg, affectionately known as Winterpeg!  Last week it was minus 35 degrees celcius. 

I told four people about the buds while out walking, while looking up at the trees, and three of them didn’t believe me, but I can guarantee they will be looking at every tree they pass and most definately believe me by now.  The other did believe me, which really doesn’t surprise me because when I said, “hello, how are you?” she replied, “happy!”  I know just how she feels!

It’s not mania, I really do feel this connection with the earth.  I am so blessed~

About Reviewer Rose

Hi, my name is Rose, I'm no longer in the flush of youth, I have a common-law husband and two teenaged daughters, multiple pets, and more debt than I'm comfortable with! Anything sounding familiar? Well, its all too familiar to me and I plan on changing a few things around here. I'll keep the husband, kids and pets, but some things just need to change! I am embarking on a journey of discovery. Warning, this blog includes discovery of self, writing, learning and growing. There may be posts that you won't be comfortable reading, but I have supressed some things for so long, things I don't want to keep anymore, so will leave them here on these pages. I hope you will follow while I live, learn, heal, try, review and share, and I hope you can grow along with me in my pursuit of betterment!
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