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Daily Prompt: Odd Couple: Do my dishes, Oh!

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over? Daily Prompt: Odd Couple. I definately have a limit. I can let things go to a certain degree … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy? via Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy. Just this morning I cried tears of joy three … Continue reading

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Seedling Time

This weekend it is time to start my seedlings. Never having successfully started anything from seed before I am anxious to give it a try. I’ve never had a green thumb so I’m hoping with all the reading, research and … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Judgment Day

Daily Prompt: Judgment Day. If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it? Most definately! One of my favourite books lost its cover years ago…I’m just too cheap to buy a new copy. … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Idyllic

What does your ideal community look like? How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share? My ideal would be a green, completely self-sustainable, off-the-grid community. Every member would have a role in … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Stranded – The fairy left no food!

Daily Prompt: Stranded. Oh my goodness I can’t believe my luck, I’m stranded in a foreign city for a whole day with no money and no friends, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot….a completely free day! I’m going to … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Daily Prompt: Menagerie. We have two crazy dogs, three equally crazy cats and a snake. We have also hosted fish, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and a lizard. They have all been indoor pets. The critters I could have probably done without, … Continue reading

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