Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

We cry for lots of reasons: sadness, pain, fear . . . and happiness. When was the last time you shed tears of joy?

via Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Just this morning I cried tears of joy three separate times while watching the same video.  I saw it on the news and cried, I showed it to my partner on MSN and cried, and then I showed it to my daughter and cried again.

See for yourself here as this Chinese bus driver dodges a pole smashing through the windshield, and see if it makes you cry too.

I’m not quite sure why exactly this clip made me cry other than the obvious fact that the man is alive,  except that it felt miraculous. I cried for joy at the sheer wonder of this man and his busload of passengers remaining basically unharmed. Also, I know it’s just a trick of the light or the glass, but as the pole comes in through the window and heads straight for the drivers head, it appears to be engulfed in white light.

This completely chokes me up in a purely thankful way!

About Reviewer Rose

Hi, my name is Rose, I'm no longer in the flush of youth, I have a common-law husband and two teenaged daughters, multiple pets, and more debt than I'm comfortable with! Anything sounding familiar? Well, its all too familiar to me and I plan on changing a few things around here. I'll keep the husband, kids and pets, but some things just need to change! I am embarking on a journey of discovery. Warning, this blog includes discovery of self, writing, learning and growing. There may be posts that you won't be comfortable reading, but I have supressed some things for so long, things I don't want to keep anymore, so will leave them here on these pages. I hope you will follow while I live, learn, heal, try, review and share, and I hope you can grow along with me in my pursuit of betterment!
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5 Responses to Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

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  4. Serena says:

    Wow! I just watched you vid, it was hard to watch – didn’t make me cry but my heart it still pounding – the difference between life and death is so close, just like the difference between sad and happy tears I guess – thanks for sharing 🙂

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