All Over

I am at a loss right now.  I don’t have any more rants to write, I got out what needed to be said for now, I’m sure more will come up later, that’s the thing with dealing with past trauma, you think you are over it and then suddenly it pops up like a whack-a-mole.  Well, I’ve hammered it down for now and don’t feel the need to talk about it anymore.  (At least for now!)  Plus, I have apparently discovered a rat in the grain and need to figure out who it is, either that or “unknown” is just lying and trying to upset me.    

I also have a confession to make.  I didn’t plant my seeds this year.  I got the room all ready, got the pots and potting soil, got all the seeds and then the weather sucked so badly I couldn’t bring myself to plant the seeds.  So, I guess I will just prepare the larger garden this year without planting it all, and buy a few vegetable plants that I can’t live without.  It’s raining out today and the snow is almost all gone from my yard, now I’m really kicking myself for not starting those seeds.

I discovered a few things recently:  that even the written word has the power to make me sick,  there is no mistaking the gut feeling I get when I feel somehow threatened, most people in my blogosphere are kind, supportive people, and the need to moderate comments before they are posted is now clear.   

Thanks for reading.

About Reviewer Rose

Hi, my name is Rose, I'm no longer in the flush of youth, I have a common-law husband and two teenaged daughters, multiple pets, and more debt than I'm comfortable with! Anything sounding familiar? Well, its all too familiar to me and I plan on changing a few things around here. I'll keep the husband, kids and pets, but some things just need to change! I am embarking on a journey of discovery. Warning, this blog includes discovery of self, writing, learning and growing. There may be posts that you won't be comfortable reading, but I have supressed some things for so long, things I don't want to keep anymore, so will leave them here on these pages. I hope you will follow while I live, learn, heal, try, review and share, and I hope you can grow along with me in my pursuit of betterment!
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6 Responses to All Over

  1. moi says:

    There must be a way to set your blog that users need to be logged in with an account in order to reply, I would try an block anonymous / unknown users. I think it is under the discussion section in dashboard.

  2. Bbots says:

    I’m holding back from expressing all my thoughts here but I want you to know that I agree with your perception of things over this last series of posts, about the schooling issues and about sharing and what too much sharing is and I think you have the right to defend yourself..jus sayin 🙂

  3. Roberta says:

    Hi Rose, buy yourself some pretty plants, flowers. Take in the beauty around you, sing your own song or maybe let the tears flow…. Release and mend and yes there are supportive people and then some that are toxic. Be kind to yourself… (:

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