Facing The Truth

I haven’t written for a while, I’ve been too afraid, afraid not of others’ comments or reactions but of my own.  I’ve also been too busy to write, too busy wallowing in self pity, getting mired in the past and way too busy facing some truths that I never even wanted to consider.  Fear is my biggest enemy and I’ve been kicking it’s ass something fierce lately. 

Dad – you sick fuck.

My ex-husband – I wish I could have helped you but I was way too screwed up myself, leaving you was the very best I could do for both of us.

M – maybe I pushed too hard too soon, you weren’t ready to fly.  Thank God for second chances.

E – I wasn’t fully present enough and didn’t push you hard enough, I’m so glad that has changed.

Myself –  I am strong, kind, loving.  I am alive, I am human and I am perfect in my imperfection.  I will strive to always do better than I have.  My life hasn’t been perfect but it’s way past time to get over it. 

To the rat in the barn – thank you for your ugly words, they made me face my ugly truth.

There is so much more to life and I’m done letting fear stop me from finding it.    

About Reviewer Rose

Hi, my name is Rose, I'm no longer in the flush of youth, I have a common-law husband and two teenaged daughters, multiple pets, and more debt than I'm comfortable with! Anything sounding familiar? Well, its all too familiar to me and I plan on changing a few things around here. I'll keep the husband, kids and pets, but some things just need to change! I am embarking on a journey of discovery. Warning, this blog includes discovery of self, writing, learning and growing. There may be posts that you won't be comfortable reading, but I have supressed some things for so long, things I don't want to keep anymore, so will leave them here on these pages. I hope you will follow while I live, learn, heal, try, review and share, and I hope you can grow along with me in my pursuit of betterment!
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